Our roller shutter doors are constructed from strong and reliable galavnised steel. They are made using the finest material and available in a variety of finishes and over 30 colour options.

We are able to work with various requirements and specifications dependant on your needs. Manual hand chain operation gives you the ability to operate the door without any available electrical supply. Alternatively, we can provide an automatic door operation as a simple extra service; a 3 phase direct drive motor drives the door and has a built in safety break to prevent anti-fall back in the event of a gearbox failure. A control panel makes access and control very easy and the operation is smooth, safe and fast. Ideal for factories, workshops, warehouses, grain stores and other commercial and industrial buildings.

Roller Shutter Door lath are mostly commonly available in solid galvanised steel. Alternatively, we can provide lath either punched or perforated dependant on your requirements which will allow vision and ventilation.
Both options allow for powder coating in a wide variety of colours.